6 Ways To Live Plastic Free In 2021

Updated for 2021.

Most people now know that plastic waste is a huge problem and is linked to climate change and global warming. It has provided us with a range of benefits but can take thousands of years to biodegrade. Landfill sites are filled with plastic which is polluting the natural environment and has a significant impact on our oceans. We need to reduce the amount of plastic we use and there are some easy ways we can do this.

Bring your own bags

Plastic bags are generally used to carry our things for a short amount of time and then simply discarded. However, they can take hundreds of years to break down. When you go shopping make sure you bring your own bags with you instead of buying new plastic ones every time. Not only does this save you money, it also helps reduce the amount of plastic you buy and waste.

Reusable bottle

Instead of buying a plastic water bottle, invest in a reusable one that you can just refill. Plastic water bottles have been found to contain harmful chemicals, so using a reusable one is not only reducing the amount of plastic you use but is also healthier for you.

Buy your fruit and veg unpackaged

Buying your fruit packaged up might be more convenient but it uses a lot of unnecessary plastic. You can buy fruit and veg unpackaged. There are more benefits to doing this other than reducing plastic, it can also help you save money as loose fruit and veg is often cheaper and you will also get to pick exactly which shape and size you want as often in packages you don’t get exactly what you want.

Sainsbury's have started selling eco veg bags for only 30p each! Definitely worth picking one up.

Avoid plastic straws

Plastic straws are used once and then thrown away and they either turn into litter, end up in landfills or even our ocean. When you are out and about ask for your drink without a straw and opt to not pick one up for your drink if you don’t get picked. You can buy reusable straws that are made from bamboo or metal.

We also sell packs of 2 bamboo straws. Interested? Click here.

Switch to beeswax wraps rather than clingfilm

A staple in most households is clingfilm. A lot of people don’t even consider this as an extreme waste of plastic. We use it to keep our food covered, however once that task is complete, we simply chuck it away. That is a lot of plastic waste. There are now plenty of alternatives to use if you want to go plastic free. Beeswax wraps, for example, is a ‘natural alternative to plastic wrap’ which can be used time and time again. 

You can see our selection of beeswax wraps by clicking here

Switch to using a bamboo toothbrush

Plastic toothbrushes can take 400 years to decompose, which is shocking. Consider using a toothbrush that is more sustainable such as a bamboo one. They only take 5 to 10 years to decompose and our made from more eco-friendly materials.

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