5 Amazing Facts About Bee's

5 Amazing Facts About Bee's

They... Dance??

According to scientists, when a bee finds a good source of nectar it flies back to the hive and shows its friends where the nectar source is by doing a dance which positions the flower in relation to the sun and hive. This is known as the ‘waggle dance.’

You can watch the dance here: 

Fancy a pet bee? 

According to experts, honeybees recognise faces in similar ways to humans. Their brains process each part of a whole face, going through each feature - eyebrows, lips ears and eyes. This process is called 'configural processing".

Bees have personalities

A study conducted at the university of Illinois found that some bees are 'thrill-seekers' and others are more timid. In short, bees have personalities. To take it a step further, a study conducted in 2011 found that agitated bees can be pessimistic, so they could even have feelings!

They work HARD!

Bees must visit and gather nectar from more than two million flowers to make one pound of honey - this is around 90,000 miles (three times around the globe!). 

Queen Bee

A colony of bees consists of 20,000-60,000 honey bees and one queen. Worker honey bees are female, live for about 6 weeks and do all the work.The queen bee can live up to 5 years and is the only bee that lays eggs. She is the busiest in the summer months, when the hive needs to be at its maximum strength, and lays up to 2500 eggs per day.

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