How to: Refreshing Your Wraps & Stopping Them Crumbling

You might notice that after a while, your wraps begin to crumble. Don't panic, this is normal and easily fixed. It's caused by the wax cooling - often this happens when cleaning the wraps with cold water.

To fix this problem you can remelt the crumbled wax back onto your wrap, meaning you don't need to buy any new wax. However, to give your wrap a total refresh you can use one of our beeswax wrap blocks and melt fresh wax onto your wrap.

You can buy a beeswax block here beeswax refresher blocks here.

Oven method

  1. Place wrap on top of a piece of grease proof paper.
  2. Grate your beeswax block onto the wrap generously.
  3. Place on an oven tray, then put into the oven at a low heat. Keep an eye on them (do not leave unattended) - after a few minutes check on them, the wax will have melted and distributed evenly. If it hasn't melted, place back in oven.
  4. Peel off grease proof paper and repeat on other side. 
  5. Remember to leave them to dry.

Iron method

  1. Place wrap on top of a piece of grease proof paper.
  2. Grate your beeswax block onto the wrap generously. 
  3. Place another piece of grease proof paper over the top of the wrap.
  4. Run a hot iron over the top of the grease proof paper, a few seconds in each area of the wrap.
  5. Repeat the process on the other side.
  6. Peel the grease proof paper off and leave to dry.

    You can buy one of our beeswax refresher blocks here.

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    • Margaret KING On

      The food wraps are an excellent way of keeping food fresh but also excellent for the environment as they can be reused easily.
      Definitely the way forward!

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