How Your Company Can Be More Sustainable

 Nowadays it is important for businesses to ensure that their offices are sustainable. Not only can it help cut costs, improve employee’s health, help attract new talent and increase satisfaction of employees, it is also very good for the environment. Here are some simple changes that will make your office more environmentally sustainable.

Energy efficient light bulbs

An easy way to be more sustainable where you won’t even notice the difference is by installing energy efficient light bulbs into your office. LED lights are known to be 80 percent more efficient than incandescent bulbs and will last a lot longer too. Not only do they save energy and, therefore, costs, but they also have less damaging effects on the environment. 

Maximize natural light

Natural light promotes higher productivity, but it is also a great way to help your office be more environmentally friendly, by reducing the amount of artificial lights you will need to be on throughout the day. Cutting you’re your energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint. 


Recycling is another easy way to make your office more environmentally friendly. Simply set up recycling bins around the office, with dedicated bins for paper and plastics and ensure that you encourage your colleagues to recycle whenever they can.

Recycling doesn’t end with paper. Any electronics that the company does not use anymore can get recycled. Cardboard boxes also are excellent materials to throw in a separate recycling bin. You can even have a sealed compost container in the kitchen or staff room for food scraps.

Go Paperless

Many organisations are well on their way to becoming paperless. Going completely digital and storing documents in a shared space has so many benefits. It is easy to store and retrieve information as well as share documents and files with others around the business easily. However, for some businesses, cutting out paper completely isn’t an option. If this is the case, make sure you recycle all paper and change the settings on your network so that paper is printed on both sides. 

Choose Sustainable Suppliers

When looking at who supplies the energy to your office, make sure you are selecting a company that is more environmentally friendly. The same goes for office supplies and toiletries. Find companies that are ethical and sustainable and that can help reduce your carbon footprint. 

Promote Cycling to work

Many companies are now offering a cycle to work scheme. It is a great way to promote environmentally friendly commutes and encourage your employees to be more green. Make sure you have an area for people to store their bikes and have shower and changing facilities.


Get some office plants to not only make the place look better but to enhance indoor air quality in the office space. Plants emit oxygen and reduce air pollution, making the air in your workplace cleaner and healthier to breathe. It can also reduce noise pollution, which is particularly important in an open-plan workplace.

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